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North Miami’s lively election ending with trio of runoffs

North Miami’s lively election ending with trio of runoffs

The lively election antics in North Miami are not quite over yet.

With of 23 of 30 precincts reporting, the mayoral race and two council races appeared to be headed to a runoff June 4, with no candidate receiving 50 percent plus one of the vote, as required by city rules, according to unofficial results.

The mayoral runoff was likely to be between Lucie Tondreau and Kevin Burns. Tondreau, a Haitian community activist, captured 29.3 percent of the votes; Burns, a former North Miami mayor, received 29.4 percent.

In the District 2 race, attorney Carol Keys was close to unseating incumbent Michael Blynn.

Keys received 49.5 percent of the vote, and Blynn 15.4 percent of the vote.

In the District 3 race, political newcomer Philippe Bien-Aime appeared to be headed to a runoff with Jacques Despinosse, a former city councilman. Bien-Aime received 44.2 percent of the votes, compared with Jacques Despinosse, who received 29. 3 percent of the votes.

Despite some lively campaigning for mayor and City Council, North Miami polls opened Tuesday to a slow trickle of voters.

At the Sunkist Grove Community Center, campaign workers outnumbered voters.

One voter said he’d like North Miami to eliminate all of the red-light cameras.

“The city is not bad. We have the services we need, but the red-light cameras are a problem,” said the voter who only wanted to be identified as Jean.

At the Gwen Margolis Community Center, Wendy Wallberg said she voted for a person she thought would unify a fractured city.

“I chose Kevin Burns for mayor. He was mayor before and he brought us together back then,” Wallberg said.

Voters cast their ballots for mayor, two council seats and five charter-amendment questions.

The mayoral campaign has taken some unusual turns.

Anna Pierre, who previously said she was a victim of Vodou sorcery, recently posted a flier on Facebook saying she was endorsed by Jesus. She failed to make the runoff.

District 2 council candidate Joseph Haber was passing out “clean up city hall” soap to voters. And a week ago, mayoral candidate Jean Marcellus was punched in the mouth by an acquaintance who didn’t want him to run for office.

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